Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gawd, it's been forever hasn't it?  2 years?  Damn.  Time flies.

Alrighty then, so this is my newest creation.  Just in time for Halloween and hopefully not too late.

Land impact is 8 according to what the "edit" screen says when razzed inworld.  The nose is strictly a LL prim (1) and underneath I have tattoo layer for the face to blend the eyes together and give hint of a tongue behind the teeth.

Everything is modify so you can adjust it to best occupy your face and head.

Oh sale now at my marketplace store

Had a nice time at a carnival earlier.  See here.

I really suck at blogging so whatever else I should say here just imagine I've said it.  You, of course, can leave your opinions here and/or tell me what I've not mentioned and I'll get back to you.

Monday, September 24, 2012

I Got Your Back Hair

Yes!  Indeed.  I got your  I've had it for some time now.  Surprisingly,  it's my best seller and I'm not ready to stop there because  I'd like to sell more of them.  Hence my shameless, self-promotional post!

You'll be happy to notice it's not mesh.  I use clothes layers.  It has a tattoo layer as well as a shirt and pants later.

Notice how it flows and covers the back!  Keeps you warm in winter too!

Get yours today!  Or tomorrow!! That totally cool too.

My Item at the Marketplace

Friday, July 15, 2011

My First Day in the Blogosphere

Hi folks, my name is Wrong Wright.  Long time resident of Secondlife, well long to me, and first time merchant of Secondlife!

I started my store called Proving Wright a few weeks ago with a line of ladies clothes, a tank top called the 'Lil Meshy.  Here is one of the pictures I took for the ad I created for the marketplace.

I hope to learn more about the creation of clothes in Secondlife and continue to grow as a designer.  On that same note, I am also learning about blogging and the software involved for doing this.  So is quite possible I'll progress in this department as well.

Wrong Wright